Becoming carbon-Neutral

As a small business owner I was never overly worried about the impact I was having on the environment. Then I hired someone to look into this for me. Yikes! So I decided to do something about this. I've committed to becoming Carbon Neutral by 2025 and to achieve this by not passing the costs onto my customers. This challenge is very difficult for small businesses who have to keep a watchful eye on the small profit margins. But if 2020 has taught us anything, is that we're adaptable and ready for any challenge!

From 1st September 2021 I will be committing to my Carbon Neutral pledge:

🌱  For every training attendee, market customer, subscription box subscriber, online training attendee, coaching client check-in and consultancy visit I will pledge 1 tree.

🌳  For every in person training event I will pledge 1 tonne of Carbon reduction/ofset.

^ The above will be achieved through my Ecologi plan.


📦 To work more closely with my suppliers to reduce plastic in their deliveries. 

🇬🇧 To order from UK based suppliers wherever possible.

♵ To maintain no plastic in my market orders.

📄 To no longer provide printed handouts at events unless asked for. 

Using my 2018-19 data I would have planted 4500 trees and ofset 125 tonnes of carbon. (Approx.)

The steps towards net zero:

Climate positive

Carbon Neutral - I'm working towards this!

Carbon Negative

Net zero

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