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Schemaplay for settings

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Schemaplay is a registered trademark in multiple regions worldwide. Used with permission. 

Trademarked to Schemplay CIC. 

Did you know that I am a certified Schemaplay™ trainer? I've been baking aspects of this training into my offering for the last year but it's time to deliver the whole shebang!

Are you facing a common challenge that's been voiced by many nursery leaders? 😕

It's not just you! I totally get it - knowing where to take the learning next is a becoming a rare skill!

In today's fast-changing world, the nursery sector has seen an influx of new faces, all eager to make a difference in the lives of children.  But with so many newbies and various curriculum guidances on offer, it's no surprise that it's tough to find the right path forward! 

Your staff's dedication to shaping young minds is admirable, but let's be real - they have a lot on their plates! 

Say hello to Schemaplay - your answer to overcoming these challenges! 💡 It's all about tuning in to what the children are really into and supporting them with purposeful play. This goes much deeper than just 'interests!'

It's designed to elevate your entire setting by creating an in-house Accredited 'Schemaplay Practitioner' who'll be a guiding light for both newbies and seasoned staff alike! 🏆🌟 

Here's the nitty-gritty, broken down into simple steps:

1️⃣ Zoom Call & Audit: Start with a zoom call between me (James) and the Setting manager or Director to audit your current practices. We'll explore who'll become your Accredited Schemaplay Practitioner within the setting. 📞🕵️‍♂️


2️⃣ 2 x Half day training sessions: Next, it's time for a 2 half days of intensive training for your Accredited Schemaplay Practitioner. 📚 I'll delve into continuous and enhanced provision, discuss how schema play contributes to knowledge development, and equip your leader with top-notch training materials to support the whole team! 💡💻 (Delivered on Zoom and recorded so you can go back as many times to review as you wish!)

3️⃣ Accredited Schemaplay trainers then gather evidence to submit for their individual accreditation.  This process can take several weeks (supported by me and the rest of the group along the journey!)


4️⃣ Training the Team: Once your Accredited Schemaplay Practitioner has submitted their materials for accreditation, they'll take the reins and train the rest of your team. They'll leave with a comprehensive training pack, including videos, Q&A sessions, and access to my network for ongoing support. 🤝✨


☝️ Your Accredited Practitioner will not be alone in this. They'll have constant support via my network and free access to me via zoom, Whatsapp, email or phone. 📞👋


5️⃣ Coaching Visit: When the time is right, I'll personally visit your setting for a 2-hour coaching session and work alongside your Accredited Schemaplay Practitioner. We'll assess the team's progress and gather materials for the whole setting accreditation process. 🏅🎓


6️⃣ Gathering Observations: Your Accredited Schemaplay Practitioner will gather observations from the entire team – simple but super informative! We'll use these to build up your accreditation evidence. And if needed, we can hop on a call or zoom anytime for unlimited support! 📝💬


7️⃣ Submission & Support: The exciting part: it's time to submit your evidence to Schemaplay HQ for accreditation. 📤 I promise to work tirelessly to ensure we meet all the criteria before submission. If there's anything missing or more evidence required, we'll tackle it together! You'll have my unwavering support throughout the entire process with a promise that you WILL receive your accreditation. 💪🌟


8️⃣ Putting that plaque up!: Finally, the moment you've been waiting for! 🎉 You'll receive your well-deserved award to proudly display in your setting, and don't forget to give yourself an enormous pat on the back! 🏆🎊

My pricing model is all about supporting the sector, so it's simple and affordable at just £800 per setting (instalment plan available). 

There is no set amount of time this process can take. Some settings will complete this in a few months whilst others may need an entire year (or more). There is no time limit for embedding this in your setting.

Let's rock the learning journey together! 🚀🌟 Reach out now, and let's dive into this exciting adventure! 💌💬

Start your journey...

You can either complete the form below and I'll be in touch with you ASAP or you can contact me directly on 07765303235 (Phone or WhatsApp). I am currently only delivering this in 3 local regions. Get in touch if you are outside of these. 

West Yorkshire

I will be delivering Schemaplay training in West Yorkshire from September 2023. This will be a mixture of online and in-person support. Complete the form below to be sent more information 

East Yorkshire

I will be delivering Schemaplay training in East Yorkshire from October 2023. This will be a mixture of online and in-person support. Complete the form below to be sent more information 

Greater Manchester

I will be delivering Schemaplay training in Greater Manchester from November 2023. This will be a mixture of online and in-person support. Complete the form below to be sent more information 

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