Questionnaires for staff

To support the writing of my book about boy's learning I am surveying different groups of people. This survey is for staff who work in the PRIMARY and EARLY YEARS sector. 

The following questions will be used to support my writing of a book about boy’s experiences within primary schools and how to support them within the Early Years. You may not work in the Early Years, but I value the expertise and experience of practitioners at all levels of primary. Please complete the questionnaire as honestly as possible. You may complete this confidentially if you prefer but please ensure you include your year group/key stage where you currently work.

If you choose to elaborate on your answers, these comments may be copied into my writing. Comments will carry your first name (if provided) and the county with no further details. 

You may withdraw your data at any time before publication by emailing You do not need to provide a reason.

Please note that whilst I will endeavour to meet all withdrawal requests, I may not be able to withdraw your information if it is anonymous.