The NookClub

Well hello!  I'm really excited to bring you the NookClub. This monthly membership club is rooted in the Open-ended approach which I firmly believe provides the best opportunities for children in our Early Years settings. Through this club you will learn everything there is to learn about bringing this approach to life in your setting whilst not breaking the bank. For those who know me I believe in high quality training at affordable prices so I have worked very hard to bring this membership club to you at the lowest possible price.  Scroll down to find out the benefits. 

The benefits...

High quality training

Every month you will get access to a high quality online training video. This video is rooted in the Open-ended approach and will tackle one specific aspect of your practice or provision. 

Upcoming videos include:

* Understanding what open-endedness is.

* Re-evaluating your provision, redesigning and enhancing (starting with maths.)

* Supporting staff in developing this type of play.

* Developing your outdoors to embrace open-endedness. 

+ Much more!



To get you started on your open-ended journey I will send you a 'Welcome gift' at the beginning of your second month in the club. This first gift will be something exciting to share with those children in your care and will generate excitement and delight.


You'll then receive follow up gifts every quarter per year in your membership (in the 5th, 8th and 11th month) 


Each gift is worth £15 and is sent free through the post to your home or workplace.  These free gifts are available for those living outside of the UK (postage chargeable) or you can nominate a setting within the country. 

Quarterly gifts

20% off...

In addition to the high quality training and free gifts you will also receive discount codes to use across the range of products and services.  These codes will get you 20% off..

* All online training course enrolments.

* All 'Real-world' training tickets.

* All coaching and consultancy visits.

* All online shop orders.

Your code will be sent via email within 7 days of you signing up with the NookClub. 

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