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Home learning can be a tricky thing to get right. I have created a Facebook group to support parents as many are now looking to support your child at home through the COVID-19 crisis. I will upload 1 or 2 new videos each day to the group. Within each video I will explain to you how to support your child in a variety of ways without the need for worksheets etc.


This group is intended for parents of children aged 2-4 but some activities will be relevant for slightly younger or older childeren. 


One time payment of £5 = access for life. However once children have returned to Nursery/school I will no longer update the group with videos. 


I will teach you the types of things that children would otherwise be learning at Nursery. How do I know this? Because I have worked as a Nursery teacher for 10 years in state schools in the UK. I teach these things everyday;)


After purchasing the above PDF you can download it (link is available in your emails). Inside the PDF is a link to the FB group. I will then ask you to join the group by entering your email address. This must match the email address that you used to sign up. Dbn't worry - it's only for validation and I will not email you using it. 


If you have any questions please email me on james@nurserynook.co.uk

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