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Training & Coaching

For the last 4 years I’ve been supporting schools, setting and staff all around the UK and beyond through training, coaching and consultancy. Starting in 2023 I’m bringing these wonderful services together into a programme to be delivered in-person to schools and settings around the North of England. (Click here if you're not in the North of England)

But unlike many other approaches and programmes, this one is PERSONALISED to you and your setting with in-person visits, personalised targets and 1:1 feedback. I’ve recorded a video below. Check that out or scroll down to find out more. 

WHat's involved?

My programme is about supporting you and your team to ensure your Provision is truly Purposeful. Many other approaches provide the same unpersonalised materials, but not me. I understand that each setting is unique and needs a personalised approach to improving practice -  that’s what makes my programme different! 


1️⃣ The first step is a half day consultancy visit where I work alongside the leader(s) to audit the current practice and provision. There's no point 'putting on a show' - I want to see it all, warts and all!


2️⃣ From this we talk about what’s working well and what needs some work!


3️⃣ I’ll then put together your programme. This involves 6 separate training sessions to ensure we drill down into areas of development. I’ll then follow these up with 4 half day coaching sessions. During these coaching sessions I’ll work alongside different members of the team to ensure they’re putting into practice what they’ve learned. 


Through these visits I will provide next steps for staff members and leaders so that progress can continue in my absence. 


We'll finish the year-long programme by exploring the impact with a follow up consultancy visit. 


There is an optional upgrade to include a Schemaplay Accreditation which will involve a further 3 x 2 hour training sessions and 1 x Coaching and Consultancy half day. Find out more below. 


This programme is delivered in the following areas 100% in person. If you're outside of this region I can offer a hybrid approach or online only...

coverage area schema.png
  • What is the content?
    So this isn't like other approaches and schemes where all settings come out with the same knowledge, looking the same and blending into the crowd! This programme is designed around YOU and YOUR setting. From the initial consultancy visit I will put together a programme which covers all the essentials and scaffolds your team towards better practice and provision whilst remaining aligned to your ethos. My 'Purposeful Provision Principles' underpin all of my work. These will underpin our programme too. Over the past 4 years I've worked with a lot of settings and some of the common areas where I've supported improvement are: Adult-Child interactions, Child-led planning, Developing vocabulary, Introducing more open-ended resources and activities, Developing depth across rooms/classes. Each programme is co-constructed alongside leaders so it will be perfectly matched the true needs of each setting.
  • Is this like other programmes on the market?
    No. There are many approaches and programmes around which assume all children are the same, that all settings want to look the same and are quite narrow in their view of Early Years pedagogy. My role is to bring out the uniqueness of your staff and children and keep this in mind whilst we improve your setting. If you want your setting to look like similar settings in your area this programme might not be for you. Contact me using the links in my menu and I can recommend a generic approach.
  • Will I be outstanding?
    Maybe.. I'm not an Ofsted inspector nor do I deliver support specifically to 'pass' an inspection. There are many trainers who do. My job is to elevate your Provision and Practice so that your are providing the very best possible outcome for all of your learners. This is what Ofsted are looking for. (psst. I frequently have Ofsted inspectors attend my public training events. Many go on to recommend my training to their settings - I'm quite proud of this!!)
  • Who can get involved?
    If you are in the North of England I can offer you a programme 100% in-person. If you're outside of this region but still in the UK I can offer a hybrid approach. Some coaching will be in person with the majority of the training offering online (depending on location). If you're outside of the UK I can offer you a 100% online programme. Contact me to discuss this.
  • What do my staff need to do?
    After each training and coaching session I will provide next steps (within reports), work tasks and challenges. Staff will be responsible for dedicating some of their time to these tasks each week. These tasks will all be linked to their every day job so will not need much (if any) additional time away from the children. ​ Staff will have access to a dedicated directory in my network where they can share ideas and ask for extra support. This is included in cost.
  • How much does this cost?
    The golden question! I've ummed and arred about this for a long time. However knowing the difficulties many settings are facing right now in addition to the uncertainty in the system I have settled on the most affordable price I can offer: ​ I've designed it so you pay per month. £199 per month (over 12 months) or a single payment of £2388 (payable at the beginning of the programme.) ​ There is an optional upgrade to the Schemaplay Accreditation for £900 (or an additional £75 per month). - This is a special discounted rate.
  • What is the Schemaplay Accreditation?
    The Schemplay accreditation is a separate award that nurseries pass through to be award the 'Schemaplay Setting Award.' It demonstrates to nearby business and parents that your setting places children's interests at the very heart of your practice. ​ The accreditation will require a little more input from myself including 3 x 2 hour training sessions and 1 x Coaching and Consultancy half day. During this half day I will work alongside leadership to ensure enough evidence has been gathered to pass the accreditation. Once this has been assessed externally you will receive your award for free to display on your building. ​ In the unlikely event that you do not pass the accreditation on your first attempt, I will continue to work with you for free until you do:) I'll discuss this on the phone with you in our initial consultation so you know what it involves.

I'm interested, what next?

My programme runs from the 1st of Feb 2023. You can sign up at any time and we can have our discovery call (and initial visit if you'd like!). If you'd like to sign up (or want more info) please drop me an email or call me on 07765303235.

Each setting will be asked to sign a contract which commits you to the full programme. There is a 14-day cooling off period. 

Not in the North of England?

not north

When I launched my programmes I was only delivering to the North of England. However a lot of interest has come from settings further afield. The benefit of this was alway that it is in-person. Therefore I can offer a hybrid approach to settings in other parts of the UK. This would involve online training and some in person coaching visits. Contact me using the details above to discuss this. 

If you're outside of the UK I can still offer support but this would be exclusively on Zoom. Contact me to discuss this. 

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