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Purposeful Provision Programme

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Purposeful Provision Programme. Following months of thoughtful development, this initiative reflects our commitment to creating meaningful and impactful resources. We are excited to share it with you and invite you to explore what the Programme offers and how you can join.​


What is the Purposeful Provision Programme?


This Programme is a comprehensive 9-step training and coaching initiative tailored for Nursery Leaders across the UK. It encompasses an extensive array of training videos, articles, and practical tasks designed to deeply explore and enhance the operations of your nursery. Embedded within each step are personalised coaching sessions led by James Tunnell, alongside the expertise of specialist coaches at various junctures, to inspire and guide you throughout your journey.​


Ok, that sounds great but what are these steps?


The Purposeful Provision Programme deconstructs the essence of effective provision and practice into nine straightforward steps. It is crucial for Leaders to progress through each step sequentially, as the programme builds upon the knowledge acquired in preceding steps. You can find out more by clicking the image below: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

9 Step Programme

Who is it for?

This Programme is crafted for leaders striving for excellence in their provision and practices. It is ideal if your team’s performance is not meeting your expectations, or if your provision appears outdated, misaligned with the expectations of your staff, children, or their parents, or if you feel your leadership is lagging behind others making strides in the field. The Purposeful Provision Programme aims to elevate your Nursery to outstanding levels, ensuring it makes a significant and lasting impact. 

What's my investment?

Each step in the programme necessitates approximately 15 hours of engagement, encompassing training sessions, reading materials, coaching, and additional tasks.​We're not keen on the subscription model, as we understand that some settings may require more time to navigate through the programme. Therefore, we offer a fixed rate for each step, starting from the third, to ensure clarity and prevent unexpected expenses.​Our pricing structure is detailed below:

Your investment.png

Steps within the 'Positioning' and 'Provision' layers are grouped together due to the interconnected nature of their content. As you progress to the 'Practice' layer, you will have the flexibility to access steps on an individual basis.

Please note that while refunds are not available once a step has been accessed, you will retain lifelong access to the materials purchased.

How to join: 

Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to James via email or WhatsApp. He is ready to address any inquiries regarding the programme. Ready to embark on this journey? Register your details on the waitlist below to get started. 


Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 11.41.58.png


Due to the substantial commitment required for the programme and our desire to maintain high-quality engagement, we gradually onboard clients whom we believe we can significantly assist. This might result in a waiting period before commencement. If we determine that the programme may not be the best fit for you, we will engage in a discussion to possibly offer a more suitable alternative or recommend other services.

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