Purposeful Provision series

The Purposeful provision series is made up of training videos covering a range of topics to make your Provision more purposeful.  Each video is between 30 and 60 minutes long and can be paid for individually so you only pay for what you need/want. You can also download the video to share with those in your work place.

A new video will land each week or so. Sign up for my mailing list on my homepage to get alerts.

Videos are listed individually below but as more are built into the collection I will categorise them.


'Creating your culture' is all about understanding what makes your setting unique. In this video I go through all the elements that go into making your setting unique which underpin everything we do. This video is an essential watch as I refer back to it in each future video. 


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Lesson 2 - What is provision.png

Lesson 2 is 'what is provision'. I make the distinction between continuous/basic provision and enhanced provision. I talk about theorists and how they have influenced our approach whilst making links back understanding your own culture. I touch lightly on this idea of curriculum and how to develop provision based on this. I also talk about adult-child led and about matching it to your culture.


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Lesson 3 is a bit of an odd (but still very important) one. I'm here talking about the importance of selecting appropriate baskets, boxes and book cases to match the culture and needs of the room/setting. 


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Lesson 4 is all about 'Matching provision to children.' Here it get's nitty gritty and I delve into needs and interests of children, topics, planning and the needs of uniqueness that reflects the beauty of your setting. 


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