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Hi, I'm James! I have been running Nursery Nook as a service and product business since 2018. I work with a range of people to solve everyday problems in practice and provision. I'm all about ensuring your provision is purposeful and working exactly the way it should be. I won't sugar coat it. If there's an issue, let's work together to fix it. What makes me different is I am all about IMPACT. I can deliver training to your staff that they can take away and put straight into practice or I can work with the children in your room, modelling strategies in the moment.

My services include Training (always bespoke to you!), Coaching, Consultancy and online Zoom-based support. 

I also deliver my bespoke programmes and provide access to my network. 

I will do whatever it takes to ensure your Provision and Practice are Purposeful! Because just like you, I know our children deserve the very best!


It's for you if...

✅ You want your provision to be purposeful and matched to your learners.

✅ You want to feel confident that the rooms within your nurseries are operating at the highest possible level. 

✅ You want your nursery to stand out as a high-quality setting in your local area

✅ You want the very best for your children.

✅ You want to support your less experienced staff.

✅ You want to invest in the development of your team.


The impact is...

✅  You and your team understand your 'why.'

✅  You’ll and your team will feel confident to make changes as your cohort develops.

✅  All staff will have a voice in the team.

✅  Much higher engagement from children. 

✅  You’ll feel confident that your team will lead on the learning .

✅  You'll have time to invest in other parts of your business

✅  You’ll feel confident that you’re standing out as a high-quality setting in your local area

✅  You’ll feel confident you’ve invested in supporting your staff

How much?


I strive to keep my prices as affordable as possible. Being from the school-sector myself I know how tight budgets are. So I charge £325 for a 1.5 hour session, £375 for 2 hours, £400 for a half day (raising to £425 from September 2023), and £700 for a full day (raising to £750 from September 2023). I may also need to charge travel (45p per mile) and accommodation on top if you're far from my home of Leeds. Generally this only applies to settings in the South West, far South East, Scotland and N. Ireland. 

I recently launched my new programmes. These are bespoke year-long programmes for settings with a set monthly fee. Click here to find out more about them

What does it look like...?

Starting your journey is super simple. Once you've submitted an enquiry we can chat about your needs and make sure I'm the person you need. We'll also chat about the best way to support your team. This might be training but could be 1:1 work such as coaching. After I've worked with you you get a full report and a series of next steps to carry your journey on. 


So get started by filling the form in below
Or skip this part and call me directly on 07765303235

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