Superhero writing area.. *kapow*

April 12, 2017

So one of our fabulous team members has been working EXTREMELY hard on our superhero writing area. The initial reason for this was because the area wasn't being well used. We decided to do something that might engage the boys a little more too. Its working! The boys are particularly fond of mark making on the floor using the large white paper.

We have super writing frames which link to the children's interests which we gauged using a brain storming session.  These included the Hulk, Spiderman, Batman and Superman. 


Large sheets of paper were used to allow them to write on the floor.


Decorations and embellishments meant the children are engaged and excited by the area. 


Good work is displayed alongside a photo of the children writing where possible. 


Areas of the curriculum link the work displayed to the EYFS. 




Evidence of using small tools in the area.


Children are encouraged to sit on the floor to write because not all children need to sit against a table. 


Superheroes are there to inspire children to write and roleplay. 


Letters available linked to the current RWI we are working on.

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