Loose parts (indoors)

I've dabbled with loose parts in my classrooms over the years. I've never been inspired sufficiently to go for anything too over the top. However I recently visited Scrap Leeds and was really inspired by the provision established by the Leeds 0-5 improvement team. The store itself provided loads of wonderful resources to use in loose parts at a very low price.

I decided to remove my maths provision. I've been swayed by threads on various social groups as well as various websites. (There is a lot of talk around the need for writing and maths areas, I'll address that one day). Any resources in our maths area were generally used in a loose parts way. That is, we had lots of 'Elsa castles' etc. We made the change! Deciding on using metallic objects and lights to begin with seemed the easiest step since we already had so many metal items in the setting. It was also easy to source things from staff and parents. Our letters to parents received quite a few responses and almost every parent came to look at the new area.

Since introducing we have had so so much wonderful play. The children have been far more engaged in the loose parts than they were in the old maths area. The lack of table and chairs did not have an effect on the children. Nursery children can sit on the floor! My next steps for the area are to continue to develop the resources (and replace if broken) based on the needs of the children.

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