BLANK level questions

I was introduced to BLANK level questions many years ago as part of a whole school push on Communication development. This simple strategy completely changed the way that I interact with children in the Early Years (particularly with 2, 3 and 4 year olds).

BLANK level questions were devised by Dr Marion Blank as a way to structure questions at different levels of understanding, ranging from 1 (simple one word answers) to level 4 which require reasoning. Below are examples of different questions:

BLANK level 1: (Naming)

Find one like this

What can you see?

What is it?

Say this...

What did you hear?

What did you do?

BLANK level 2: (Describing)

What happened?

What shape is it?

What size is it?

What colour is it?

Where is it?

BLANK level 3: (Identify)

How are these the same?

Tell me something else you could use...

Tell me a story...

Find me one to use with this...

Tell me the beginning, middle and end...

BLANK level 4: (Predicting)

What will happen if...?


What could you do?

How can we tell?

Why should we use that?

Why is... made of ...?

When I use these questions I usually pitch my question at the level of understanding that I feel my child will understand. There are times when a child may only be able to answer a level one question but a level four in other contexts. Bear in mind that Level 4 questions tend to be more difficult for children under 5 to answer, but some will be able to in certain contexts.

Below is a poster that I have used in my classroom below. It includes information on the 10 second rule as well as using 4 comments for every question in your room. Remember, questions are good but they aren't particularly useful conversationally.

Download from here:

Please Note:

I do not claim copyright over the content of this poster. BLANK level questions are the work of Dr Marion Blank. 10 second rule and 4 comments/1 question are long established strategies within the EY and SL field however I am happy to assign copyright to an individual or organisation if you can provide evidence of copyright protection.

Layout is my design but not under copyright. Please feel free to use this however you find useful.

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