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'toddler communication diary' - £3.25 each *can be personalised

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The 'toddler communication diary' from is designed to act as a communication tool between home and setting. The diary is intended for 18month - 3 year olds (however they do offer diaries for 'pre-school' or babies.

I received a personalised copy with my NurseryNook logo on them which was a nice touch especially for settings which really go to town with their branding. It would be a little better if you could change the colours on the front from green/blue to match colours for a Nursery, but those are finishing touches.

Inside each page is the same, it contains a section for 'messages from home' which is dated. A second to record what the child has eaten (with 'all' 'half' and 'tried' as options). It also contains space for a record on nap time in minutes, who they played with and notes.

As a simple diary it is effective tool from home to setting and would be useful for many parents who often want more information about their child, especially those who have children in care for the entire day. It would also be useful in cutting down some of the time required to communicate this information to parents at the end of the day when they are in a rush or when you have a lot of parents to talk to. It acts as a good scaffold of notes to make during the day and would be ideal situated where practitioners could add to it throughout the session.

Pros: Clear and simple and parents would appreciate this level of communication.

Cons: Could be cumbersome with large numbers of children & no specific space for parents to comment on what the practitioners have noted other than a 'notes' section.

Overall: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

'In the moment planning' sheets - £3.90 each

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This guide got me very excited. 'In the moment planning' isn't brand new but many settings are still discovering this for the first time and are struggling to find ways to incorporate this into the systems already in place, for example within the paperwork structure of a school.

Each page is very simply designed but very effective. You have a box for what is being observed by the practitioner, how the learning was extended, the outcome and next step, which area (presumably the provision area of in/outdoors), which characteristics are observable and which areas of learning are covered.

This type of guide would be incredibly useful for a setting because each page is clearly laid out and one single book (at a cost of £3.90) would cover an entire setting. I really like the simplicity which means all staff at all levels will be able to complete regardless of their experience. It is also vital to include 'next steps' within your own planning and teaching and this is excellent evidence in case Ofsted or leadership need to see some and this has you covered.

Pros: Very simple and effective layout and a single guide with 50 pages and 6 boxes on each page (thats 300 observations which are influencing planning ON TOP of your current observations).

Cons: Would be good to include a space for photographs but this would then make it either much bigger or far less workable space.

Overall: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

'My learning journey (in ring binder)' - £9.99 each

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Settings have flip flopped over the last few years from paper-based to online journeys and [some] back again. Those settings which aren't online now aren't rushing to because of the overall cost. A few settings have chosen to go back to paper for various reasons.

I know many parents enjoy being able to interact online with their child's journey, but at the end of the year they love to take away a folder with memories to cherish.

Now.. learning journeys are NOT scrap books. They are a working document. has produced a simple white folder and filled it with the sheets and records they feel would be beneficial for each child.

You can see a examples of the inside in the gallery below.

Many of the pages within the book are designed to give practitioners space to place observations and designs. HOWEVER I believe that this could give a structure of observations (or a ticket list) for practitioners to collect, rather than a true record what the child does based on their own learning.

There is also a copy of the Development Matters contained at the rear but I'm not sure if it is necessary to provide this for each child unless you want to highlight where the child is working at like old style APP (Assessing Pupils Progress).

What I do like is that there is a page for 'wow' moments and many settings fail to collect these. But, like with observations, the way the pages are designed means that practitioners would have to write onto the pages rather than record in the moment.

Pros: Nice design, strong folder and some good content (wow moments).

Cons: Very structured and would lead to practitioners writing observations outside of the moment and could not be achieved in large settings.

Overall: ⭐⭐⭐

'Nappy change record' - £4.90 each *can be personalised

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This simple record book is simple and effective at keeping a succinct record of nappy changing with your setting. It is a good idea, especially from a safeguarding point of view, to record this. Parents will often want to know the patterns and it allows you to track who has been changed and when.

Each page is designed the same and provides boxes for Child's name, time, dry/wet/soiled, cream applied? Notes and initials.

There are 26 pages with 12 boxes for children on each.

Pros: Simple and effective, useful took to have in any setting.

Cons: Each child has a separate box. I wonder if it would have been useful to just write the child each time. It might be hard in larger settings to 'find the right child.'

Overall: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ users can get 10% discount on any resource from using code 'NurseryNook10'.


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