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Hosting an event

Hosting an event is the quickest way to get FREE EARLY YEARS TRAINING for your Early Years staff. It's super simple:

You provide:

A large room or hall (For at least 30 people)

Tea & Coffee for all attendees

I provide:

Training for up to 10 of your staff for free (25% of the agreed tickets are yours!)

High quality BESPOKE training.

Electronic workbooks

Attendance certificates

I ask host settings to share a training flyer with any local settings they have a connection with.

I'll then keep you updated with ticket sales.

We need to sell a minimum of 50% of the tickets to cover costs. If we can't we can reschedule or cancel the event. 

But what about content?

From November 2022 each hosted event is BESPOKE. That means we can have a chat and see what the training needs of YOUR staff are and then we'll ask local setting to join. 

Ready to chat about it? Complete the form below and I will get back to you ASAP:) 

If you would like bespoke private training for your team then check out my services page. 

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