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Becoming carbon-Negative

When I first started to offset my emissions I predicted that it would take me 4 years to achieve my goal. However in fewer than 4 months I moved from Carbon positive to Carbon neutral* and now I am well on my way to carbon negative. 

See below on how I am currently working to reduce the impact NurseryNook has on the environment:

From 1st September 2021 I will be committing to my Carbon Neutral pledge:

🌱  For every training attendee, market customer, online training attendee, coaching client check-in and consultancy visit I will pledge 1 tree.

🌳  For every 10 x in person training events I will pledge 1 tonne of Carbon reduction/offset.

^ The above will be achieved through my Ecologi plan.


📦 To work more closely with my suppliers to reduce plastic in their deliveries. 

🇬🇧 To order from UK based suppliers wherever possible.

♵ To maintain no plastic in my market orders.

📄 To no longer provide printed handouts at events unless asked for. 

Using my 2018-19 data I would have planted 4500 trees and ofset 125 tonnes of carbon. (Approx.)

* - Carbon Neutral is an industrial standard that requires certification (at a high cost.) Currently I over offset my emissions which is part of my historical offsetting drive and to 'do extra' until I can afford the certification process. This ensures I am AT least Carbon neutral. 

The steps towards net zero:

Climate positive

Carbon Neutral -

Carbon Negative - I'm working towards this*

Net zero

View definitions here.

I believe that we must do more than simply offset future emissions. We must look to our historical emissions too. Part of my process is over offsetting to cover historical emissions. A process which is easier for a new business like mine. 

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