You’re striving for top-quality provision because you know this is one of the best ways for your children learn. You want it to be both beautiful and purposeful, a place where children are active and engaged. I know you’re also working on being the best adult for those children because you know your value in Purposeful Provision.  


But, there are a million and one jobs in the Early Years and unfortunately creating, developing and working in the Provision gets pushed further and further down the list. Staff don’t always recognise the value of the provision and children and settings suffer.


My coaching is designed to support you to stay focussed on what really matters. Through our monthly coaching sessions, we’ll explore how to create and develop truly Purposeful Provision which all stake holders will be proud of. Designed for practitioners and leaders at all levels and in all settings, this highly personalised approach will work with your culture to ensure rapid progress can be made.


Coaching clients also get 30% off my monthly webinars as well as access to the support section of the NurseryNook network called ‘The Coaching Clan’.


£32 per month per person.

No minimum length. 

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