Provision is at the heart of Early Years. However, many schools and settings struggle to make it work as effectively as they would like. Post-covid, our children will need even more support, and high quality purposeful provision can help to achieve this. I am now offering coaching to individuals to develop and build upon their current practice and provision to ensure learners reach their full potential.


Investing in coaching is never an easy decision. What makes my coaching different is I know all about the difficulties in maintaining a balance between parents, leaders and individual staff. With this in mind I’ve created coaching which fulfils the following aims:


1. Ensuring your provision is inviting and purposeful for ALL.

2. Ensuring children have their all needs understood and met

3. Ensuring adults know their role and how to support their learners at every step.


NurseryNook Coaching involves 1 hour intensive 1:1 coaching session, 1 group coaching session and 1 webinar per month. Webinars will always be linked to the needs of the group. Clients will also have continuous support via email or phone, directions towards further research as well as a wealth of examples from my own practice to support them to improve their provision.


These coaching sessions are aimed at Early Years staff working in schools and private settings. NurseryNook coaching is an investment of £68 per month with a minimum initial 6 month commitment. This becomes a rolling 1-month contact after 6 months.


Where closures occur due to Covid-19 sessions will be rescheduled or adapted to meet the needs of each client.


To discuss whether NurseryNook Coaching is right for you or your setting, please email me at: