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Schemaplay for Childminders

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Schemaplay is a registered trademark in multiple regions worldwide. Used with permission. 

Trademarked to Schemplay CIC. 

🌟 Introducing Schemaplay Training and Accreditation for UK Childminders! 🌟

Are you struggling to make learning purposeful? Do you want to support children's development in a truly meaningful way? Look no further - Schemaplay is here to help! 🚀

🔹 What is Schemaplay? Schemaplay Training is all about tuning into children's actual learning experiences and providing them with purposeful support. As practitioners, you may observe children engaging in behaviours like throwing, emptying containers, or smashing things, and wonder what these actions truly mean. With Schemaplay, we explore the relationship between action and thought to understand the underlying schemas behind these behaviours.


This knowledge empowers you to support children in making the most of these experiences and fostering their holistic development. 🌱

Through my brand new Programme, I combine the Schemaplay Accreditation with my NurseryNook flair to elevate your whole setting! 🌈 Whether you follow interest-led planning or any other approach, Schemaplay's insights and strategies complement and enrich your existing practices.


🔹 How it Works:

1️⃣ Zoom Call Audit: It starts with a group audit call. During this call I explain how to audit your setting and practice. You then upload this and I'll reach out to you separately for more detail. 

2️⃣ 2 x 1.5 Hour Sessions: You'll receive intensive training over 2 x 1.5 hour sessions on continuous and enhanced provision, the role of schema in development, and access to essential training materials to support your understanding.


3️⃣ Access to Recordings: You'll gain access to all recordings, which can be easily shared with any team members, or you can just watch back to refresh your understanding. 


4️⃣ Embed and Support: I give you time to embed the practices, with regular check-ins to help you along the way.


5️⃣ 2 Separate 30 Minute Zoom Coaching Calls: A series of two 30-minute coaching calls are scheduled on zoom. During these calls, we assess progress, address any issues, and gather materials for the accreditation process.


6️⃣ You Gather Observations:  You'll gather observations, creating informative evidence for accreditation.


7️⃣ Submit for Accreditation: We work together to ensure all criteria are met before submitting evidence to Schemaplay HQ. I promise full support throughout the process!

🎉 Celebrate Your Success: Once accredited, you'll receive your well-deserved award to proudly display in your setting! 🏆

💰 Simple and Affordable Pricing: To support the sector, I've kept the pricing model straightforward - just £200 per setting!  (Or 4 x monthly instalments of £50)

AND all of this comes with the guarantee that you WILL RECEIVE your accreditation. That means I work with you for as long as it takes to ensure you reach this end goal. This is included in the cost. 

Schemaplay for childminder dates, all times are UK times:

Group audit call: 14th September 6:30-7:30pm

Session 1: 'Introduction to Schemaplay and Provision'  - 26th September 2023 6:30pm-8pm

Session 1: 'Delving Deeper into Scheme and Schema. - 27th September 2023 6:30pm-8pm

Online coaching follow ups: Week Beginning 30th October 2023 & 20th November 2023

^ (you book your own 30 minute slots)

Settings that need more coaching can book these directly with me at a time to suit them (at no extra cost)

Accreditation and review: 11th & 12th December 30 - Book your own 30 minute slot. 

 ^ (Settings that need longer can access a later date) 

Key dates:

A bit more info:

Start your journey...


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