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About me

Hey there!


I'm James Tunnell, a former teacher with over a decade of experience in the education world. Before embarking on my teaching journey, I studied for four years and was awarded a BA in Primary Education in the Early Years from Leeds Trinity University. This foundational education has been the bedrock of my teaching career.

During my time as an educator, I worked tirelessly in inner-city Bradford, where I taught Nursery and Reception classes from underprivileged backgrounds. This experience opened my eyes to the challenges many educators face, trying to provide quality education when children might not have the foundations they need.

Nowadays, I'm all about delivering top-notch training, coaching, and consultancy to schools, private nurseries, and childminders. Whether it's in-person or online, I've had the privilege of sharing my expertise around the world, although my heart is often in delivering face-to-face sessions right here in the UK.

From short, impactful sessions to comprehensive programs, I'm here to cater to your needs. But what truly sets me apart is my ability to make learning fun and engaging. I'm known for my humour and captivating presence, which keeps participants entertained and motivated throughout the process.


Imagine having an extra member of the team in place - that's how I approach coaching. I believe in working alongside staff to demonstrate how to implement strategies rather than just writing them down. My coaching style is all about being personable, approachable, and building meaningful connections with those I work with.

What really drives me is my unwavering belief that children learn best in Purposeful Provision, where the learning environment is tailored to them.

Whether you're an everyday teacher or practitioner seeking inspiration or a visionary leader or director aiming to elevate your organisation, I'm your go-to person. Let's team up to create an educational journey that leaves a lasting positive impact.

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