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🎓 Training with James Tunnell - Empowering Educators Worldwide

Hi, I'm James Tunnell, an experienced educator with a passion for making learning fun and engaging. As an exceptional educational trainer, I possess the top qualities required to deliver impactful training sessions that cater to your needs.


Engaging presentation skills are at the heart of my training approach. I use dynamic instructional techniques, multimedia resources, and interactive activities to captivate participants, ensuring an enjoyable and stimulating learning experience.


Being adaptable and flexible, I tailor my training delivery to suit your unique learning styles and needs. Whether you're a school, private nursery, or childminder, my training sessions are designed to resonate with your specific context.

Empathy and patience are integral to my training philosophy. I understand the challenges educators face, and I create a supportive and non-judgmental environment where questions are encouraged, and everyone's growth is valued.

A commitment to evaluative and reflective practice drives my continuous improvement as a trainer. I seek feedback from participants to enhance my training methods and ensure that each session becomes increasingly effective and impactful.

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I attended the purposeful provision training recently, and I have to say it was the best training I have attended. I never stopped smiling throughout and what a breath of fresh air to have someone engage in their audience using personal references, sharing experiences and being real instead of staged!
I can not wait for the next training events as I am really excited for my other practitioners to attend and gain the knowledge and experience I have.
Thank you so much for training. I look forward to future events and training.


Trust Pilot, June 2023 [Click to see more]

Previous sessions:

Whilst every session is tailored to the needs of your staff team, here is a list of sessions I have delivered in the last 12 months.

Contact me to discuss the content of these:

Loose Parts 

Maths in Nursery

Outdoor Elements

Phase 1 Phonics

Purposeful Provision

Creativity and Curiosity

Quality interactions

Leuven Scales & BLANK level questions

Boys learning in the Early Years



💡 Pricing: Training prices are as follows:

  • 2 hours: £375

  • Half day (4 hours) £425

  • Full day (8 hours): £800

Need longer or shorter sessions? Contact me.

Let's team up to equip your staff with valuable skills and knowledge, creating an educational journey that leaves a lasting positive impact on the children in your care.

Start your journey

You can either complete the form below and I'll be in touch with you ASAP or you can contact me directly on 07765303235 (Phone or WhatsApp).

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