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Schemaplay: Practitioners & Settings

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Did you know that I am a certified Schemaplay™ trainer? I've been baking aspects of this training into my offering for the last year but it's time to deliver the whole shebang!

Schemaplay is a registered trademark in multiple regions worldwide. Used with permission. 

Trademarked to Schemplay CIC. 

So, you've got your Early Years setting all set up with fantastic continuous provision for your little learners, and guess what? It's actually working! 🎉 You might have even spiced things up with some new, exciting bits and bobs related to various topics, themes, or interests. But, let's be real, there might be a few hiccups along the way, right? 😅

Allow me to introduce you to Schemaplay, a fresh approach to supercharging your provision and practice based on the deep and meaningful interests of your little bundles of joy. We're talking about THAT child who can't resist tossing things and THAT child who loves playing postman. 📦🎈 How can we help them learn and grow through these behaviours? Because that throwing or posting is their way of reaching out to connect with the big, wide world, and we're here to support that journey. 🌍🤗

Schemaplay is the real deal, folks!

Please read the information carefully and check out my video below to better understand how this all works:



🔮 We'll explore the link between the curriculum and continuous/enhanced provision.

🔄 Figuring out why we keep doing certain things repeatedly (hint: it's all about learning!).

🔍 Diving deep into the 24 different repeated behaviours – what they are and what's driving them.

🌐 Where those behaviours take us – how they join up to become complex operations like addition, subtractions etc. 

🎨 Designing your provision with these behaviours in mind.

🚀 Amping up your game to support them.

🏫 Crafting a nursery-wide Schemaplay approach (from birth to age 5).

👪 Helping parents understand and get involved. 

Here's the lowdown on how we make it happen:

1️⃣ Zoom Audit Call: We'll chat one-on-one for 30 minutes to figure out how to tailor the programme to your needs.

2️⃣ 2 x 1.5 Hour Sessions: Get ready for some intense training in two 1.5-hour sessions covering continuous/enhanced provision and the role of schema in development. You'll also snag some nifty training materials to keep you on track.

3️⃣ Access to Recordings: You'll have access to all our recordings so you can revisit the gold whenever you want.

4️⃣ Embed and Support: We give you the time you need to put these practices into action, with regular check-ins to keep you on track.

5️⃣ 2 Separate 30-Minute Zoom Coaching Calls: We'll schedule two 30-minute coaching calls to assess progress, iron out any kinks, and prep for the accreditation process.

6️⃣ You Gather Observations: Collect six observations, providing solid evidence for accreditation.

7️⃣ Submit for Accreditation: We'll team up to ensure you meet all the criteria before sending your evidence to Schemaplay HQ. I've got your back every step of the way!


Now, here's where it gets juicy. Option 1 (individual training and accreditation) will be enough to support your staff. But, if you reckon your whole team and nursery could benefit from the same in-depth training and validation as you, you can go for the accreditation as a setting. 🌟

Once you completed the individual accreditation you can deliver this to your team. Here's the process:

  1. Lead a Training Session: Use my pre-recorded materials to introduce the concept to your staff team.

  2. Coach Your Team: Show your team the ropes, demonstrating how to spot schemes and enhance based on those experiences. I'm just a zoom call away to lend a helping hand (for free!), and I'm here via email, phone, and WhatsApp too! 📞💬

  3. Co-ordinate Observations: At least 50% of your team needs to gather those crucial six observations.

  4. Zoom Call Assessment: We'll hop on another zoom call to go over these observations and clear up any misconceptions.

  5. Submit for Accreditation: Your nursery will receive a shiny plaque to display proudly, and you can bask in the glory of leading your entire team to success! 🏆✨


If you have attended official Schemaplay training since August 2023 with me you are entitled to a reduced cost. Please contact me to discuss this. 

Not yet convinced? Check out the video below for more details:


Choose the option that suits you best:

👉 Option 1: Single Practitioner Training & Accreditation: £299 (can be split into 4 payments) 

👉 Option 2: Single Practitioner Training & Accreditation + Whole Setting Training & Accreditation: £598 (can be split into 4 payments)

You can become an accredited individual and return to engage in the whole setting accreditation at a later date. (You will need to watch the complimentary refresher.)

And the best part? It's all delivered via Zoom at times that work for you. Can't make it live? No worries! We've got recordings so you can catch up at your own pace. 🎥📅

SCHEMAPLAY TIMETABLE (All times are UK time):

  • Audit Calls: Week beginning: 16th October 2023- You can book a 30-minute slot between 10am and 8pm.

  • Session 1: 'Introduction to Schemaplay and Provision' - 24th October 2023 6:30-8pm**

  • Session 2: 'Delving Deeper into Scheme and Schema' - 25th October 6:30-8pm**

  • Online coaching follow-ups: 11th - 15th December 2023. Book your own 30-minute slot. And if you need more coaching, I'm here for you! 🙌

  • Practitioner Accreditation and Review: 15th - 19th January 2024. Book your own 30-minute slot. (If you need more time, we can schedule another date).

  • Setting Accreditation and review (option 2): Ongoing, book a convenient time for your zoom calls and submission of paperwork. 

** If you can't make the training live you can watch it back. 

If you have more questions please click here to reach out to me.


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